About Us

About PonicOne

PonicOne is truly driven by the practice of sustainability and the very same is embodied in its top-tier automated aquaponics. With the inclination towards exotic organic vegetables & organic salad leaves, living and lifestyle on the rise, now more than ever, we are working on delivering sustainability through food and innovation. The vision of developing a vertical aquaponics farm in India, offering you exotic leafy vegetables, is what makes us one of a kind.

Aquaponics Vertical farm in Hyderabad
Aquaponics fish tank and Vertical farm

What's our aim?

Based in Manikonda, Hyderabad, our farm is where our passion for sustainability meets the innovation of technology. Our produce is 100% absolutely chemical-free, offering you the best organic leafy vegetables. We take utmost care in avoiding fertilizers, pesticides, or anything artificial in the food that you consume. Our procedures of vertical farming in India involve 95% reduced consumption of water compared to conventional agriculture. Through vertical farming in Hyderabad, not only do we produce more food by optimizing less space, we take great pleasure in consuming minimal resources of the planet. As we grow, we strive to expand our business onto bigger farms in the city while providing our customers with the best customisation services. We at PonicOne want you to experience what aquaponic-grown organic green salads offer you.