The Best Plants to Grow with Aquaponics

The Best Plants to Grow with Aquaponics


For some people, aquaponics is a hobby while some look at it as a business. Whatever you perceive, you need to understand the basics of aquaponics and the best plants for aquaponics, and how it works. This blog is not comprehensive but will serve you with all the basic information one should require about the concept of choosing the method and aquaponic plants. You can also sell your products through an aquaponic online Store in Hyderabad and raise your income.

What is Aquaponics Farming technique?

Aquaponics setup is a combination of aquaculture (which deals with the cultivation of aquatic animals such as fish, prawns, shrimp, etc in controlled environment like water tanks) and hydroponics- the method of growing plants in water. It does not require soil for the plants to grow. Here both support and supplement each other to complete the life cycle.

Aquaponic plants use the waste excreted by fish like ammonia and convert it into necessary nutrients.  This means the plants help aquatic animals by purifying the contaminated water while taking necessary nutrients for themselves. Here we are eliminating two costs of harvesting, 

1. The use of fertilizers

2. Reduced use of water for fish farming.

How does it work?

Unlike the traditional way of farming, aquaponics in India works on three elements- fish, plants, and bacteria.  A pump carries contaminated water from the fish tank to the grow bed where the bacteria change ammonia into nitrates.  Plants absorb these nitrates through the roots.  Filtered water returns to the fish tank.  This is a continuous process benefitting both.

Nutrition benefits of Aquaponic plants

  • Healthy food

People prefer to produce from aquaponic plants as they are organic and are not going to affect their health.

  • Healthy eating

Salads and sandwiches use raw vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, etc.   It is dangerous to use raw vegetables that are traditionally cultivated. It will have the contents of pesticides and it should be cooked before use. Anything raw, better use the aquaponic plants.

  • Fresh produce

Having your aquaponics garden with the best plants for aquaponics gives you the choice to eat fresh produce, whether it’s vegetables or fish.

  • Improved immunity and free from fatal diseases.

Increased use of fertilizers in conventional methods increases the chance of deadly diseases like Cancer. It also affects the functioning of the brain, liver, heart, etc and lowers immunity. Aquaponics avoids all these risk factors.

  • Personal satisfaction

Choosing the best plants for Aquaponics

  • Green Basil

Green Basil is a very popular vegetable and is widely used in India. It has round leaves and grows abundantly. There are more than 60 varieties of basil. It contains many vital vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants like beta carotene, lutein, etc.  

  • Purple Basil

Purple Basil is also a member of the basil family with the scientific name Ocimum basilicum. It got its name because of its deep purple-coloured leaves and stems. It is like green basil and the only difference is the eye-catching dark purple colour.

  • Lollo Rosso Lettuce

Lollo Rosso Lettuce or red leaf lettuce is one of the best plants for aquaponics cultivation. It is a leafy vegetable in the daisy family. It is the powerhouse of vitamin A that helps maintain immunity, cell growth, eye vision, etc. it is also a powerhouse of antioxidants that keep your heart healthy.

  • Green Lettuce

Green Lettuce is also a leafy vegetable like Lollo Rosso Lettuce. The health benefits of lettuce are it is rich in vitamins. It helps improve bone strength, better sleep, and improved vision, and hydrates the body well.  It is majorly used in salads and sandwiches.

  • Celery
  • Swiss chard

Swiss chard is a member of the beet family and grows well in both hot and cold conditions.  It is a nutritious aquaponic plant with all the ingredients of Vitamin A, C, and K as well as large quantities of fibre, minerals, and phytonutrients.

  • Parsley

Parsley is a flowering plant with a powerful disease-resistance capacity. It is a great source of nutrients and has many health benefits to control allergies, high blood pressure, and inflammatory diseases. It has a mildly bitter taste but pairs well with many recipes and is widely used as a fresh culinary herb.

  • Tuscan kale

Tuscan kale belongs to the cabbage family and is the best plants for aquaponics nurseries. It is the most nutrient-rich food on the planet. It’s rich in antioxidants, Omega 3 fatty acids, and Vitamins C and K. It helps reduce cholesterol, decrease the risk of heart attack, and is a proven supplement to fight cancer.

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