Green Lettuce

Green Lettuce

Green lettuce is packed with vitamin k, which helps in strengthening bones. Super hydrating and helps in better vision as it is also abundant with vitamin A. Green lettuce is known to be the go-to leaf for any salad Lover and also widely used in a lot of other dishes.

Best used in - Salads, sandwiches and dressing.

We at ponicone make sure the best kind of produce is grown. We practice organic farming through Aquaponics in which 90% lesser water is consumed than in regular farming and yet all the vital nutrients are given to the plant for its growth.

How your support makes a difference

  1. By choosing sustainable farming you contribute in saving a lot of water
  2. Less deforestation as we practise vertical farming where we can grow 10 times more than regular Farming.
  3. Zero pesticides which helps in greenhouse gases reduction.

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